Sacred Strawberry Update


Hello friends, and happy winter! If you follow us locally, then you have probably noticed that we are not at the Shreveport Farmers’ Market this Fall, nor are our products available for purchase at Sunshine Health Foods at the moment.  This is because we really felt a need to step back and re-evaluate the direction and vision that we have always had for Sacred Strawberry.

We absolutely believe in the regenerative power of raw food nutrition, and we feel that raw foods are a fundamental element in creating a life that you love with passion and vitality.  But food is only one part of the health and wellness pie, and we have so much more to offer than just raw food knowledge.  During this time, we are working on some new projects that we are excited to share with you in due time.   Raw food is a part of it, as is our extensive knowledge of edible and medicinal wild plants.  We hope you understand that, and are patient with us while we find our place in this crazy world again.

In the meantime, please know that we are still here! We are offering boxes of raw chocolates made to order for this holiday season.  We are also still available for catering. If you are in need of raw pizza and chocolate cake, let us know!!  We’ve got you covered.  You can also contact us for a special order of ANY of our products you know and love.  We are happy to make whatever it is that you are missing.  Please be aware that there is a minimum order as they are made special for you!

Also new is our first product line combining the edible with the medicinal! We have two new truffles- one is an iron rich truffle specifically for anemia and the other is a lactation truffle for mamas who need an extra milky boost! Stay tuned for where to purchase.

Don’t forget our Holiday Treats workshop on December 6th! Come learn to make guilt free, delicious and nutrient dense sweets for your family and friends this Christmas!

With wishes for your health and happiness,

Emily and Daniel

Vegan MoFo 2014 Day 1


True to form, I completely forgot this ever existed or that I planned in doing it until today! Plus I am still on vacation. Halfway home, but still in Houston with family. My eats today have been truly atrocious as we have been on the road all day long, but there was a forgettable salad for dinner. Instead, I’ll leave you with this ganoderma we found in my aunt and uncle’s backyard this evening along with my most fervent desire to get back in my kitchen.


Raw Food Delivery Menu for August


We’ve been wanting to give some love to the catering side of Sacred Strawberry, but it has always seemed to take a back burner to other stuff we have going on.  Finally, for the month of August we bring you the Sacred Strawberry Cosmic Catering Menu!!  We are starting off fairly simple to gauge interest, so expect to see the menu grow with time.

For August:


RAW PIZZA with Goji Marinara, “Roasted” Seasonal Vegetables, Garlic Cheeze and Fennel/Lemon Gremolata

personal pizza crust- $12

whole sheet – $45 (serves 4)


Angel hair yellow squash with seasonal veggies in a garlic herb cream sauce.  Served with wilted greens.

$10 per pint (serves 1-2)


Yellow Watermelon/Cucumber/Lemon

Greeeen Juice (Collards/Cucumber/Celery/Green Apple/Lemon



Chocolate Berry Shortcake Bars


Ingredients are organic and/or local wherever possible.

You can place an order by messaging us via the facebook page, emailing at, or calling 318-658-0949!

Minimum order is $25 and most orders will require 3 days notice.

Wild Plant Walk at Stoner Boat Launch


Sacred Strawberry hosted our third Wild Edible Plant Walk with last Sunday! We had a wonderful time introducing people to some edible plants growing wild! We met willow, oxalis, dewberries, red and white mulberries, dandelion, toothache tree, chickweed, possum grape and yellow dock. Fun times!






Spring in Full Swing!


Here in Shreveport it is getting hot! Most of the wild spring greens we love are gone now, but we are making due ;)


We are also growing lots of plants this year. And collecting fruit trees :)
This is one tiny part of what we have going on here, but I love this recycled chest planter. It has tomato, two types of hot pepper, two types of basil and purslane.

Mulberry season is in full swing, too! We are so lucky to have red and white ones growing all around here!



Foraged mulberry smoothie! :

My favorite harbinger of summer- watermelon juice!

We are gearing up for the summer market season here, and have some fun event in the works.
Come connect with us over at Facebook and like our page to keep abreast of the happenings!

Lunch at Be Raw in Dallas!


Last week during out quick trip to Dallas, we took advantage of being there and went back to BeRaw. I blogged about our fantastic meal the last time we ate there, about a year to date. I’m glad to see they are still up and running! This time, we both started with a green juice. Dan got cucumber, celery and ginger. I got cucumber, celery, kale, lemon and apple. I think these juices were the only disappointment in our meal. They weren’t good, and I can down some green juice. That’s ok though. This little cutie drank some:

Then a cucumber pineapple gazpacho with avocado:

Dan got the burger, and I got the tacos and we halved them:


Everything was so good! Can’t wait till we go back again.
For the long drive back, I stopped at Whole Foods for a proper green juice, cold brew and raw cacao truffles. I knew I needed to be wired for that trip lol.



We also stopped back at the same spring we went to on the way there and refilled. It was a quick trip with a lot of driving but we had fun!

Spring Water Harvesting and Matt Monarch


When I saw that raw food legend Matt Monarch was going to be in Dallas, I knew that I would be going. It had been a while since receiving any raw food inspiration, plus it was an excuse to get out of town!

We decided immediately to visit and fill up at a spring in Canton, TX which is about an hour outside of Dallas. The water was amazingly clear, delicious and hydrating. We will be going back regularly!



There was a beautiful sassafras tree right across from the spring. I used some leaves to infuse in my water bottle. Wonderful!


After all that, we made it on time to the event!

In fact, we had a little time to pop into the amazing library next door and let Amethyst run off some energy and play in the kids area. Oh, and play in the wildflowers, too.

It was wonderful to see Matt in the flesh, chat with other humans on similar paths to us, and listen to some healthy inspiration. Even though we left a bit early ( poor Ami was DONE lol) we still enjoyed it thoroughly.

Of course I bought treats, too ;)


Next time- our epic raw food meal at Be Raw in Dallas.

Wild Edible Plant Walk at Mahaffey Farms


Our second wild edible plant walk was a success!
It took place at an amazing family farm.
We had an amazing turnout!


Our fam <3

We met and sampled clover, red sorrel, greenbriar, yellow dock, sassafras and so much more!

We are doing another one May 18th on Clyde Fant Parkway in Shreveport, LA. We’ll be meeting at the boat launch at 1:00.

*All photos by one of our walk participants and all around wonderful human, Lani Duke.

Upcoming Wild Edible Plant Walk


Sacred Strawberry are hosting our second Shreveport-Bossier City Wild Edible Plant Walk alongside our friends at

This time, our walk will be out at Mahaffee Farms in Princeton, Louisiana (right outside of Bossier City).  Evan McCommon is in the process of restoring his family’s land back to health using holistic farm and land management techniques.  We met them at the Shreveport Farmer’s Market where they sell produce and meats raised there.

Above all, it will be a fun afternoon!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday. If you are in the area, join us!



I wanted to share with you some of our eats around here the past few months!
Of course there have been smoothies!

This one was a Chocolate Peach situation with shilajit and lucuma topped with bee pollen.

Banana, peach, blueberry, lucuma, amla berry and coconut water for the little.

Frozen banana, fresh mango, aloe Vera, snow pea tendrils and chlorella with bee pollen. I am loving bee pollen this Spring!!

Another banana, mango, aloe and chlorella smoothie. So healing for the gut lining. It’s just an amazing plus that it tastes truly incredible! There were many more, but this is what has been recorded for posterity’s sake.

There were also juices. Lots of wild greens.




Pretty much all of these has some combination of chickweed, cleavers, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon.

Also, there has been food. Much more than this, too lol!

Cauliflower and jicama in a wild garlic cream sauce, spinach with coconut aminos, olive oil and lemon and some raw bread I made using psyllium husks for the first time!

That bread going into the dehydrator.

Some high raw wraps with greens, sprouts, quinoa burger and green Gaia dressing.

Green juice and raw brownies. Love.

Red bell pepper gazpacho with spirulina and bee pollen.

Kelp noodles in a cheesy sauce with black pepper and scallions. Amazing :)

I’ve been feeling pretty incredible recently with all the green juices and wild spring greens. Having large quantities of it daily really just changes everything! So worth it!